Sea Combat Sport

Sea Combat Sport is a Southern CA based affiliate marketing group focusing on outdoor family fun in Orange County! Our sole purpose is to bring your family the most authentic Southern CA experience possible, and we only work with the very best in the County. Check out our Premiere Partner La Vida Lagunas surf lessons, SUP tours and Kayak tours in Laguna beach, you and your family will be swept away by the coast beauty there!

Coming soon, a brand new land adventure on OneWheel scooters in North Orange County!

We partner with a company in Laguna Beach to use their equipment and amazing Surf Guides!

Outdoor Adventures in Laguna Beach

 Surf Lessons Laguna Beach offers you a semi-private 2HR lesson with a friendly professional guide! Book now with Sea Combat Sport!


This is Daniel, he is from China, he is 10. I was lucky enough to be his surf instructor today. He speaks three languages and travels the world to golf and surf. Cool kid!
Stand Up Paddle Tour Lesson